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Today I visited the site, i love typography, it showed 15 great examples of typography.  There were some websites I was familiar with (The Morning News and AIGA/NY) but the other ones I have not browsed before had some great use of type. I browsed upstartblogger and I was impressed with some of the typographic elements they used.  For example the journal entry dates were laid out very nicely.  It was visibly clear what day of the entry was in an organized fashion, but also in a creative manner. When I look for a blog, I like clean pages that shows off the entries without the distraction of a busy background or color.  I also like easy to use navigation and archives.  On the upstart blogger site the archives are easy to find and easy to read.

Another site that caught my eye wasFrieze Magazine It had easy, clean navigation and I like the use of serif and san serif font for headlines and body copy. It uses a contrast of color to help visual interest and helps point out important links/headlines/events. The division is also a strong key element in the website. For example in the page, shows, it shows the show names and where you can click to get more information (on the white background) as you scroll down, you will see a nude color box that is visible on each page (includes subscribing, publications, etc).  This is a excellent way to put a good amount of content on the page without it looking cluttered and keeping it organized.

There are many things that typographic elements that can do to improve a website.  A designer must be aware of several items that are well displayed in the 15 great examples of typography page.  


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